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ZACELIUM, jewels that are part of you

The art of uniting two worlds born to be together

Zacelium is born from the combination of the most exquisite porcelain with gems and precious stones. This material, created and formulated by Tauchido, is made and carved completely by hand using his own developed technique. Zacelium is transformed through a thermal process at more than 1500ºC, giving rise to fascinating combinations of different shapes and colors, creating a indissoluble union between gemological and ceramic world.




Unique 77

Tauchido’s most exclusive creations

Look Tssence

All different, the same essence

Authentic Zacelium jewels made with porcelain especially designed for jewelry and assembled with Sterling Silver where the unrepeatable and unalterable color combinations of each piece stand out.

Completely modeled and carved by hand, your Tssence jewel will always be unique and fascinating, no two are alike.

Look Motus

Sparkles from another universe

Shine like never before with the small porcelain sculptures from the Motus collection. A unique combination of unrepeatable and unalterable shapes that take us into a world where color has a life of its own.

The unique and exceptional twinning of Zacelium porcelain with the beauty of brilliant-cut Swarovski® zirconia makes Tauchido’s creations the most exclusive jewels in the world.

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