Delve into a dazzling universe

Tauchido breaks all the stereotypes that have always surrounded porcelain and shows his own vision: unique artisan creations that come to life thanks to their integration with light.

Each piece reveals its fascinating nuances according to the moment. During the day, we can appreciate its elegant sculptural shapes and its meticulous details carved with mastery. At night, the pieces show their inner beauty, revealing their secrets in the form of beams and light projections, so that each person can embellish their home in a unique and special way.

I am Tauchido and this is my Universe

Thunderstar Fulgur


The impossible star

Sfyria Quasar

Sfyria Quasar

Light and Darkness

Oriscira Astra


Shunzazen Terra Alba


Skywards Septem


Richos On Fire

Unique Pieces

The Essence of Beauty

All lighting pieces

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