In Love with White Gold


Miguel Ángel "Tauchido" was born on August 16, 1977 and grew up surrounded by what would later become his greatest passion: the world of porcelain. Son of artists, since his childhood he lived firsthand the love for art, which his parents transmitted to him. The artisan workshop of his parents was his place of play and experimentation: that magical place where fragile pieces became beautiful and shiny objects, and where the colors came to life through the magic of fire.

Portrait of Tauchido made by his father in 1981

Tauchido’s restless personality and the fascination he felt for the work of his parents led him to want to know more, to find a way that the pieces he began to imagine in his mind could come to life through his hands. These experiences were the origin of that Tauchido chose the path of porcelain as his personal and professional expression.

In addition to the valuable lessons of his parents, Tauchido was formed and specialized in the creation of porcelain pieces, the most complex branch of the ceramics world, but the only getting what he imagined to come true. For Tauchido porcelain is his "white gold" because, through it he can achieve personal development bringing to life his creations and getting them to persist like he imagined over the years. Born more than a thousand years ago, this wonderful material, although very demanding at a technical level, is able to endure over time with the same elegance, distinction and delicacy that at the time of its creation.

Miguel Ángel Tauchido

Creator of the Zacelium, the art of joining two worlds born to be together, Miguel Ángel is recognized for the elaboration of exquisite pieces of jewelery, technically innovative and with a powerful emotional and visual charge.

Currently, in his studio located in the Ribeira Sacra (Ourense - Galicia - Spain), Miguel Ángel is dedicated to the development of his work, making his ideas come true and transmitting his love for this ancient art. Focused primarily on creating bespoke projects for private collectors, his pieces embellish some of the most exclusive places in the world.

Tauchido, unique pieces for unique people

The Essence of Beauty


Tauchido’s passion for porcelain goes hand in hand with his search for the essence of beauty.

All we ever wondered where true beauty lies. Beauty can be treated as an abstract concept, but the fact is that there is always a trigger for that concept. In my opinion, beauty can not only be found in a face or an object that is pleasing to the eye, but can also be found in a sunset, in a gesture, in a kiss… in short, for me beauty lies in anything that causes us pleasant feelings, happiness and harmony. This is the true essence of beauty.

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Why we like to observe something beautiful? Because it makes us feel happiness, wellness, tranquility... It makes us feel better, it fills us with energy and, perhaps, it transmits to us part of its essence, which makes us feel beautiful. In my work I try to make the essence of beauty invade the senses so that people feel the energy, passion and love with which I create my pieces and, even for a small space of time, they get excited and be happy.


A ceramist since childhood, porcelain is the universe through which I travel discovering who I am

Miguel Ángel Tauchido